Monday, July 28, 2008

Catching Up

It has been a few weeks since we lasted posted so I think an update is in order.

I am getting more acquainted with life in Redding. I find my way around with out getting lost quite as much. The smoke from the fires comes and goes. Some days it is absolutely clear and other days it smells like the house next door is on fire. Jakob is covering less of the fires so I think it might be a sign that they are dwindling.

Jakob and I try to go to the mountains once a week on one of his days off. Last weekend we made it up to Mount Shasta. We have no pictures of that trip because we left Jakob's camera in the car. Once we realized that we had done that, about an hour into our hike, we decided to turn back nervous that something would happen.

I have begun to enjoy a life of no work. Control over my own time and the lack of stress from work has been great. I have found a part time job but I do not start for another two weeks. I plan on enjoying these two weeks which will be easy without the lingering uneasiness of being unemployed. I have made a habit of listening to NPR all day as I work around the house or work in the garden. Hopefully my new job will not interfere with this ritual since it is part time.

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