Saturday, August 23, 2008

Out and About

Thursday we visited the weekly Marketfest in downtown Redding for a little socializing, a little beer and wine and some Thai food. Friday, we went to Lassen State Park for a little camping. It was our first time camping together, and the first time either of us had camped in a while so we forgot a few things, like pillows, dish soap, forks, spoons, etc. But, we figured we would be prepared next time now that we know what we missed. We had a great time Friday, but unfortunately my back still hurts and Casey pulled a muscle in her neck on Saturday morning, so we're at home resting instead of out hiking. Nonetheless, we were glad to get some camping in and plan to do it several more times before it starts to get cold.

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Brett & Micah said...

Love the tent photo, just came across your blog!